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Interior Waterproofing and Drainage Installation For Home Being Constructed in Markham

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Interior Waterproofing and Drainage Installation For Home Being Constructed in Markham

Water damage can come from various sources, such as humidity, rain, and plumbing leaks. One of the most effective ways to minimize the harm is waterproofing your home and installing a proper drainage system. This will prevent any leaks by rerouting them away from your home, keeping the area intact.

To help you understand the basics of interior waterproofing and drainage, take a look at this job MT Drains and Plumbing recently completed in Markham.

The Need

This Markham home was unfinished when we performed our interior waterproofing and drainage services. The owner wanted to enjoy a waterproof dwelling from day one and didn’t want to leave anything up to chance.

They wanted to manage water under their floor by removing it before it reached the surface and caused damage. The solution had to be correctly positioned and installed using suitable materials. Otherwise, it wouldn’t protect the floor and walls from moisture.

Another request was to preserve all the landscaping, meaning outside excavation was out of the picture. Fortunately, interior waterproofing and drainage met all these requirements.

The Solution

This project consisted of two parts. First, interior waterproofing helped address any groundwater swelling beneath the house. It prevented water from seeping through tiny cracks and causing severe moisture problems.

Secondly, we installed a proper drainage system. This redirected water away from the property to safeguard against pooling and potential flooding.

The solution yielded tremendous results. The risk of mould and mildew was drastically reduced, ensuring the place wouldn’t develop unpleasant smells or cause health problems. If any water got through the walls, it would be contained and removed efficiently. The owner could now rest easy knowing the moisture in their property would never reach a dangerous level.

About the Service

The interior waterproofing system in this house consisted of several elements. Most notably, MT Drains and Plumbing mounted pipes to catch leaks and collect groundwater. The lines directed the excess water to a sump pit. We also installed a sump pump to extract water from the house and neutralize the risk of structural damage caused by moisture.

As for the drainage system, it had to be installed in the basement. This helped us avoid excavating the soil around the perimeter.

We cut a trench in the slab along the walls to accommodate a French drain. We also included a slope to direct the water to the pump.

Why Choose Us for the Job

MT Drains and Plumbing have years of experience providing reliable interior waterproofing and drainage services throughout Markham. Our professionals use cutting-edge tools and modern approaches to deliver hassle-free installation every time.

January 4, 2022

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MT Drains and Plumbing were a pleasure to work with. They answered all our questions and were detail-oriented in their work. Their skills were on point, and I’m confident they’ve waterproofed my home correctly.
Sarah P
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