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Drain repair and plumbing services offered by MT Drains & Plumbing company in Markham are bound to protect your home from leaks and floods caused by damaged or clogged drainage pipes. Our top-notch Markham plumbers will provide you with all the information and tips on how to keep your drain clean and pipes tight.
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MT Drains plumbers have over 25 years experience in both commercial and residential plumbing repairs.



MT Drains & Plumbing Services in Markham

Plumbing Services Markham ON

At MT Drains & Plumbing, we’ve been offering the best and plumbing services in Markham since 1991, and we have built up a reputation for excellence that has led us to become the trusted plumbers in Markham that the community recommends us to their neighbours and friends.

Basement Waterproofing Markham ON

Agonizing over issues with your basement can be a major waste of time. If you constantly think about the possibility of basement flooding, pest infestations, and even mould growth, then you need to do something about your concerns as soon as possible.

Drain Repair Markham ON

If you are looking for professional drain repair in Markham, then look no further than MT Drains & Plumbing. Our Markham drain repair team can quickly get to work on your drain repair and installation and have you back up and running on schedule

Markham Basement Lowering

A number of homeowners these days are underpinning their basements to create extra living spaces for their use. Markham basement lowering, also known as basement underpinning provides a number of advantages.

Water Filter & Water Softener Installation

MT Drains & Plumbing have been trusted for more than 25 years to ensure that water treatments are properly installed and maintained, helping to provide peace of mind.

Markham Water Heater

MT Drains & Plumbing provides hot water tank repair in Markham for homes and businesses who need Regular maintenance services for water heaters and tanks throughout your home and business.

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