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Foundation Crack Repair in Winter

house with foundation cracks appearing during the winter
A crack in your foundation can cause significant structural damage to your home or business. If you catch the problem early, repairs eliminate the issue and help you restore your foundation’s structural integrity. If you are going to contact a repair specialist, winter is the most effective time to repair cracks in your foundation.
In this blog, we’ll explore:
  • indicators of a crack in your foundation,
  • potential problems that can arise, and
  • why it’s so important to repair cracks during winter.

Signs of Cracks in Your Foundation

There are various signs that can indicate you have a crack in your foundation. As a homeowner, it’s essential to understand the key indicators of foundational damage.
These are clear signs that your foundation is cracked:

Cracks in Walls or Other Structural Components

One of the first signs of foundation damage is cracks in your walls. If you notice that thin cracks are beginning to form along surfaces in your home, it’s critical to begin the process of inspecting your foundation, too.

Doors Unable to Close or Open Correctly

Another sign is a warped door frame. If you’re unable to close or open doors as smoothly as before, it might be a sign that there is an issue with your foundation.

Floors Begin to Sag or Rest at an Angle

If your floors have recently begun to sag or tilt at strange angles, this is another potential sign of the structural damage that can result from a cracked foundation.

Damp/Humid Smell in Basement

If you smell a damp or humid odour in your basement, it may also be water damage from a crack in your foundation.

Insects in Crawl Space or Basement

The water that can accumulate in your crawl space or basement also results in insects and other pests entering your home. If you notice any insect infestations in your basement, it might be time to call a foundation expert.

Keep an Eye on Water Pooling

There are various reasons a foundation can crack, but water collecting near the edge of your foundation is one of the key indicators that there may be a problem forming. Water erodes and damages concrete over time, with catastrophic consequences for your building’s foundation.

If you notice water pooling around your house, it might be the result of poor drainage or improper landscaping. Contact our professionals to diagnose the problem and prevent further water build-up.

The Potential Consequences of Unfixed Foundation Cracks

Why Is There a Crack in the Basement Wall?
If you leave your foundation in disrepair, the consequences can be severe. Below, let’s explore why you should fix your cracked foundation this winter:

Structural Issues

As cracks deteriorate, structural issues in your home continue to develop. It will most likely result in cracks throughout your basement and other critical areas of your home. It looks unappealing, but it also points to much larger issues about your home’s structural integrity.

Plumbing Problems

Toronto Plumbing Service Company Main Image

Many of your core plumbing components lie in critical areas of your home. You can expect to face a host of large plumbing issues that includes burst pipes and other costly issues.

Increased Repair Costs

As cracks worsen or multiply, the cost of repairing your foundation will increase. The costs of repairing other structural components of your home will also increase.

Mould Issues

mold forming in basement door frame
Cracked foundations often result in moisture build-up that can cause mould and mildew throughout your home. Not only will this damage walls and other surfaces, but it also creates unpleasant smells or hazardous airborne toxins.

Decreased Property Value—Difficulty Passing a Property Inspection

A cracked foundation can drastically impact your property value and jeopardize the sale process. When potential buyers order a house inspection, for example, structural issues will be assessed. It will be more challenging to convince buyers to meet your asking price if your foundation is in question.

Why Repair Your Foundation Cracks This Winter?

Winter in Canada can be a tough time to perform any type of outdoor work, but it’s the most suitable time to fix a foundation’s cracks. As temperatures drop, the concrete in your foundation contracts, which allows cracks to become fully exposed.
The ground around your home is often more stable during the colder months, though. It makes fixing the problem less labour-intensive during this season.
Exterior basement wall waterproofing

Sourcing a Foundation Inspection

If you’re unsure about whether your foundation is cracked, the best way to double-check is to contact a team of professionals. Experts quickly identify foundation cracks and help you determine if extra work is needed to repair the issue.

Even if the inspection doesn’t indicate that you have any cracks in your foundation, it will give you peace of mind that you don’t need to make any repairs this winter.

Contact MT Drains & Plumbing for Foundation Crack Repair This Winter

At MT Drains & Plumbing, we partner with clients throughout Toronto and surrounding areas to assess foundation damage and make effective repairs.

Our team has over two decades of experience restoring structural integrity in the home. If you’d like to discuss waterproofing your basement this winter, contact our professionals to discuss a quote and organize an inspection.


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