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Manhole Cleaning & Sewer Jetting in North York

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Manhole Cleaning & Sewer Jetting in North York

Storm sewer blockage cleaning and jetting service in Toronto, Ontario.

The Need

Clear the blockage to allow stormwater to drain properly to the sewer

The Solution

Clean and pump out water from a manhole, catch basin at a local school.

Stormwater was blocked between the catch basin and manhole the catch basin was pumped using our high power vacuum truck after a camera inspection we performed hydro jetting the sewer lines.

About the Service

At MT Drains & Plumbing we used the latest technology to find drain line blockage to find the most cost-effective resolution.

Our powerful vacuum truck can clean out storm water from catch basins, manholes and parking lots.

Our CCTV camera inspection services can detect the cause of a leak or blockage both over group plumbing as well as underground.

Why Choose Us For The Job

MT Drains & Plumbing employs expert catch basin cleaning technicians, and the company has been serving the community for over 20 years.

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