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MT Drains & Plumbing utilizes cutting-edge tools and technology to prevent water damage. Our waterproofers take a comprehensive look at your home, find the weaknesses, and implement long-lasting solutions. Today, we offer a wide range of services that not only reflects our workmanship but also our three decades in the trade.
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Waterproofing Services We Offer

If you have a waterproofing problem, we can solve it. We have the wherewithal to correct troublesome leaks and cracks that can otherwise cause permanent structural damage. Here are just some of the services we offer:
While a DIY approach is tempting, quality matters. When installing waterproofing in Markham, it’s imperative to have professional-grade craftsmanship. A single misplaced tile or shallow trench can leave your basement in a worse position than when you started. Having a licensed professional handle your leaky basement or other waterproofing tasks is more than worth the investment.

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Interior vs. Exterior Waterproofing

MT Drains & Plumbing uses interior basement waterproofing to redirect unwanted water away from the house. Often, this process includes adding drains and pipes along the walls to catch seepage and collect water under the foundation. The water then flows into a sump pit, before the sump pump ejects it.
Meanwhile, exterior basement waterproofing is the first line of defense against water damage. It uses surface drainage and exterior drainage systems to prevent moisture from entering the home. For instance, a French drain or drain tile system actively transports water away from the foundation to keep your basement safe and dry.

"I Would Recommend MT Drains For Waterproofing"

We had the pleasure of working with Pavel and his team of waterproofers. Our basement wall crack was causing a leak in the basement. Pavel came the same day to investigate the issue, the guys did an amazing job and it like there were never here. I would recommend Pavel for waterproofing and plumbing to everyone.
Waterproofing Company Markham

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Insured and Licensed Waterproofers

Credentials matter in the waterproofing business. Every project at MT Drains & Plumbing comes with liability insurance and worker’s compensation. If there is a personal injury or property damage during our visit, you’re covered. The same applies if employees are hurt and have medical bills or lost wages.
While Canada does not require waterproofers to get licenses, the distinction is common among reputable companies. That is why MT Drains & Plumbing has the proper licensing. It’s another way we show customers our commitment to the highest standards in the industry.

Basement Foundation Crack Repair Experts

MT Drains & Plumbing has proudly served Vaughan, Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, and Newmarket since 1991. We take pride in impeccable service, timely responses, and long-lasting repairs. With almost three decades of firsthand experience, there is no problem too small or too large for us to handle.
People trust MT Drains & Plumbing because we have an unparalleled combination of expertise and performance. Our waterproofers find innovative and cost-effective ways to ensure you get the best value for your money. This dedication to serving customers above all else is why people make us the only waterproofing service they will ever use.

Reviews From Our Happy GTA Customers

Alexander from MississaugaTrusted Pros
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During the renovation un the basement Pavel from MT Drains&Plumbing came over and fix all the leaks, changed all the drains inside and did plumbing for new laundry and new 3pcs bathroom. Him and his team did a great job. I am very satisfied and i highly recommend them. Thanks Pavel
Maria From ConcordTrusted Pros
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These guys saved our life by showing up in time and replaced a leaky pipe easily! After that, we scheduled an appointment for the next day to check everything out, so the leaking problem won't bother us again because of the extremely cold temperatures. We had great communication and we received all the answers that we needed for future prevention of the problem. Well done job! I would say, above and beyond.
Ryan from TorontoTrusted Pros
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My wife and I purchased an older home in East York with the understanding that we were going to need to do a fair bit of work to modernize the infrastructure. Plumbing being a major focus. I contracted MT to: replace cast iron plumbing stacks (there were two in my home), plumb our new kitchen main floor, and also a basement kitchen that we have, as well as some plumbing for two new bathrooms. We also decided to replace the clay sewers in the home which were about 75 years old and also install a backflow valve. Eddy, Pavel and their team of plumbers did a great job.
Max from Richmond HillTrusted Pros
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Had a great experience with MT Drains & Plumbing, I recommend everybody to contact Pavel for any plumbing project question. We had a water heater and softener installed at our home and price and service were top notch!
Janna from TorontoTrusted Pros
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Thank you MT drains for being reliable, always on time and trying to accommodate my variable schedule. I am very satisfied with the price and service I was provided.

Benefits to Basement Waterproofing

We already touched on the importance of waterproofing from a monetary perspective. The investment also improves the overall structural integrity of a house. Moisture breaks down concrete, which the entire basis for your home. Waterproofing combats the erosion that can otherwise disrupt the foundation.
Internal and external basement waterproofing also improve your health. The water reduction and diversion prevent pesky mildew and mould from taking hold. The drier, climate-controlled environment means you’ll spend less time and effort cleaning your basement, too.

Subsidy Program in Markham

Thanks to the city of Markham, you can get paid to invest in basement waterproofing. The city offers single-family, duplex, and triplex residential homes a subsidy of $3,400 if they install flood protection devices. You can earn it if you:
  • Install a backwater valve
  • Install a sump pump
  • Sever or cap the external weeping tile connection
  • Sever or cap the home’s storm sewer
  • A flooded basement costs the average Canadian homeowner $43,000 to repair. While flood insurance can cover part of that, you could still be left footing a several-thousand-dollar bill. The best way to protect your home from water damage is to invest in waterproofing.

    Identify Your Waterproofing Problem

    Protect and stop water from getting into your basement or crawl space with our waterproofing solutions.

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    Standing water on the base of your home might be causing basement leaks or crawl space flooding.

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    House foundation cracks could cause water seepage into your home.

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    Standing water on the base of your home might be causing basement leaks or crawl space flooding.

    Find Solutions >>

    Standing water in the yard or run-off from the neighbours.

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    Water not draining fast enough or large puddles are forming after rain or snow melting.

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    Experiencing water pooling in your lawn leading up to the sidewalk or an increase in your water bill? 

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    Sump Pump Installation & Repair

    A sump pump is the most important device to prevent water damage. It’s responsible for collecting moisture around the home and diverting it to a safe location. If you do not have a sump pump, your basement is at risk of unwanted water accumulation and damage.
    MT Drains & Plumbing offers timely and affordable sump pump installation, so you never worry about basement flooding again. We handle everything from the planning to the digging to the final inspections. Plus, our waterproofers can repair any aging or broken parts regardless of their manufacturer.

    Why Choose MT Drains for Your Basement Waterproofing Project

    People that want the best for their basement contact MT Drains & Plumbing. Time and again, we deliver the highest quality craftsmanship in Markham and the Toronto metro area. To show customers our commitment to service, each of our projects comes with a 100 percent quality guarantee.
    Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the countless customer reviews that earned us a 4.9 out of 5 rating on TrustedPros. Our “top-notch” and “above and beyond” service is why people have remained loyal customers for years.

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    Waterproofing is one of the best investments you can make. It ensures a safe and moisture-free basement while also increasing the value of your house. Basement waterproofing even mitigates unwanted water damage that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.
    Get started upgrading your home with a free on-site estimate today. MT Drains & Waterproofing provides complimentary consultations in which our waterproofers will walk you through when, where, why, and how to improve your waterproofing. Call us at (905) 761-5551 and experience the difference for yourself.

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    Water Pooling Near Foundation

    Solution 1

    Weeping Tile Installation

    Weeping tile is a perforated pipe that allows water to flow away from your foundation and house. It is an important step in a basement waterproofing process. Sponge-like pipe buried underground.

    Solution 2

    Window Well Installation

    Window well drainage repair and installation are important for proper drainage of water collecting near or in your basement’s window well. A drainage line is installed to drain water below the foundation line. 

    Water Pooling Near Downspound Or Yard

    Solution 1

    Trench Drain Installation

    Trench drains are a great way to direct pooling water away from driveways or along pathways. Offering both internal and external applications. Get a free on-site consultation to see if the trench drain is right for you.

    Solution 2

    French Drain Installation

    Dig a trench along the outside of your footing. Lay the pipe on the virgin soil. Cover the pipe with at least 12 inches of washed gravel. Lay filter fabric over the gravel to prevent any soil from clogging the pipe. 

    Clogged Catch Basin or Storm Drain

    Solution 1

    Catch Basin Cleaning Services

    Debris and garbage are thrown and carried by rainwater down a special catch basin, which caused the basin to overfill and block water from flowing down the sewer lines. It is recommended to have an annual cleaning of the catch basin.

    Standing Water In The Yard

    Solution 1

    Drain Camera

    Its hard to know whats going on in your pipes, so the use of drain cameras is often required to determine what is wrong in order to diagnose the problem to find the most suitable solution.

    Solution 2

    Trench-less Drain Repair

    If a problem with your drainage is detected, there is a method of resolving your plumbing issue. Trench-less Drain repair has many methods of substituting the busted pipe with a new fresh one.

    Wet Basement Protection Services

    Solution 1

    Basement Waterproofing

    Internal & external basement waterproofing has proven to be very effective methods to keep your basement dry and safe from external water. Get a free on-site estimate on which method would work best for you.
    Solution 2

    Sump Pump Installation

    Sump pumps are used to pump water from a basic installed underneath your basement’s foundation. When the water reaches a set high the pump turns on automatically and pumps the water outside of the house.
    Solution 3

    Backwater Valve

    Backwater valves protect your basement from back-flow of sewer water into  your basement or crawl space. Backwater valve is a one directional flow valve protecting your home from flooding and damages.
    Solution 4

    Drain Snaking

    Clogged drains leading to your basement overflowing? Our plumbing specialists will unclog any drain in a manner that is both quick & safe for your pipes. 

    Cracked Basement Foundation

    Solution 1

    Foundation Crack
    Search & Repair

    Your foundation is one of those areas that is exceedingly important to check regularly so that you can fix problems when they are small rather than letting them become worse and more expensive. If you want to safeguard your foundation against these costly bills, you should have it checked and repaired regularly.

    Solution 2

    External Basement Waterproofing

    External waterproofing, in short, accommodates the structural components of buildings and walls. It can make an effective and dependable management strategy for people who are frustrated by water issues such as basement flooding. It’s a process that entails dirt excavation right by basement walls, setting up moisture barriers.

    Water Pooling Near Sidewalk or On Lawn

    Solution 1

    Main Water Line Repair

    Are you experiencing water pooling near your sidewalk? or unnatural increase to your water bill? Sometimes the water line can become damaged either by freezing, or tree roots. When this happens it is paramount to have this problem resolved quickly.

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