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Standing Water in Basement Floor Drain

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Finding standing water in your basement floor drain might be a shocking experience.
It’s more common than people think, and many factors can cause the problem.
The drain itself may be the prime cause, but problems that are not easily seen, such as cracks and condensation, can worsen the situation.
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How Your Basement Floor Drain Works

The basement floor drain is arguably one of the most critical aspects of the home.
When water flows down from excess rain, a leaking plumbing system, or your HVAC unit, the liquid pools into one of three things:
  • A sewer system: When the drain connects to the sewer, backflow can become a serious issue.
  • A sewer pit with an ejector pump: This is used when your basement is at a lower level than your sewer line.
  • A sump pit: Sump pits are usually there when you install sump pumps, something we will explain further in the sections below.

What Can Cause Standing Water?

What could explain the presence of standing water in basement floor drains?
There are a variety of explanations, from moisture and condensation to faulty plumbing and hidden openings.
Let’s explore some of the more common cases for standing water in the basement.

Natural Soil Saturation

An often ignored yet constant cause for standing water in basement floor drains is natural soil saturation.
Natural soil saturation is the moisture that seeps into the soil and builds up over time. After a while, it can start to expand into your house, wreaking havoc on most basement floors.
Depending on where you live, soil saturation can become a problem relatively fast, especially if heavy rainfall is a common occurrence in your area.
If you start to see mold or detect certain muddy smells, these may be early signs of saturation invading your basement.

Clogging and Jammed-Up Plumbing

Basement drains are susceptible to any number of problems.
Backed-up sewers are a common problem, especially if it floods outside frequently. Accruing sediments and even invasive plant growth can clog and cause problems for the plumbing system.
If your water supply runs through the basement, a burst piping could flood the area, especially during winter, when pipes are most susceptible to drastic temperature changes.

Floor Cracks

Cracks are a constant problem that can appear anytime if your basement isn’t waterproofed.
With constant exposure to water, your foundation will steadily begin forming hairline cracks due to the freezing of the water during winter. These cracks will continue to expand as the years’ pass and will lead to a compromised foundation.

How Can You Prevent It?

There are several options for preventing or mediating the situation before standing water becomes a problem. Let’s go over a few of them.

Interior and Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing services are an excellent way to address standing water in basement floor drains.
Your damp basement can mean water is flowing from outside, or condensation is starting to form within. The first step is addressing the exterior problems, such as cracks and barely visible openings.
If it’s a problem stemming from the interior, we can employ actions such as sealing the cracks with hydraulic cement or coating the walls with a waterproofing product. Additional measures can be taken if you find that the interior problems won’t go away.

Weeping Tile Installation

Weeping tiles are manufactured from corrugated plastic that contains small weep holes that will allow water in it. It turns it into a sponge-like pipe that drains away any building moisture and puddles that don’t automatically flow down the drain.
These tiles are more like porous 4-inch pipes than they are tiles and will help minimize the risk of clogging by providing an alternate means of drainage.

Window Well Covers

Window wells usually serve the purpose of allowing people an extra means of exit from the basement, whether due to fire, flood, earthquake, or other various reasons. They also serve to bring in sunlight and fresh air to the basement in a more direct manner.
Window well covers serve many purposes for basement windows. They prevent flooding and leakage of water into the home, protect the basement from pest infestations, and keep debris and other standing water away from the windows, allowing sunlight to penetrate the dark basement.

Sump Pump

Sump Pumps are a quality preventive measure.
Rather than waiting for the accruing water to soak your feet when you walk in, putting Sump Pumps in place can attack the problem right away. They will act as an additional safeguard for when your primary pump malfunctions or is working too slowly.
When water begins to flood in your basement, Sump Pumps will activate after reaching a specific level. They will then automatically channel the water away from the house and into a pre-installed Sump Pit.
Another useful thing about Sump Pumps is that they can be installed after a building’s completion, making for a smooth installation process.

Basement Crack Repair

As we’ve mentioned previously, basement wall & floor cracks are not something you can foresee and can pop up anywhere at any time.
Thankfully, most problems involving cracks are cosmetic, although some can affect your building’s structural integrity. The best way to determine the severity of a crack in your basement is to call in a professional to evaluate the problem.
The experts at MT Plumbing can quickly and thoroughly diagnose the problems, providing you with a free estimate for recommended repairs.

Call MT Drains & Plumbing

Addressing standing water in your basement floor drains doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time. Contact the professionals at MT Drains & Plumbing at 905-761-5551. We have over 20 years of experience serving customers in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto areas.

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